Chef Jim Klein at PeraBell in Patchogue. (Benny Migliorino/Benny Migs Photo)

Five top chefs from across Greater Patchogue will be participating in the July 31 Island to Table outdoor dining experience in Patchogue Village.

The chefs will only be using food from the land or waters of Long Island for the fundraiser, which is being held at the New Village at Patchogue complex. is Island to Table’s media sponsor. Click here for more coverage.


PereBell Food Bar (Patchogue Village)

Position: executive chef

Age: 32

Born: Sayville

Lives: Patchogue

Appetizer: Fluke crudo w/ orange, watermelon radish, blood orange vinaigrette and micro wasabi greens

Entrée: Long Island potato and quail egg ravioli w/ summer fennel-pork-and-sage ragú

About the entrée: 

“We took this opportunity to go out of the box and do something that’s not on our menu, to make it a little exclusive. This isn’t exactly something that’s in my comfort zone, either, which makes it more exciting.

“Basically, we’re going to start with a really great pasta recipe, make a nice potato filling with ricotta cheese and fresh herbs. And we’ll break down a whole pig and make stock out of the bones and slow braise the other meat for the ragú. Really delicious.

“It’s going to be awesome when you break into that ravioli, and the quail egg is going to be lightly cooked so that yolk is going to run into everything and create this really nice richness in the dish.”

(We also asked what can go wrong.)

“You can leave it in the water a little too long and overcook those eggs. That would be a disaster but it won’t happen. We’re going to execute this perfectly.”

Photo: Chef James Klein in the kitchen at PeraBell Food Bar in Patchogue.

(Benny Migliorino of Benny Migs Photo)


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