Science Fair Winner 2016

Spoiler alert: It was the pasta.

Of the four foods that Verne Critz Elementary School kindergartner Charlotte Keyes ate before running around the school’s field in East Patchogue, it was good ole’ carbs that fueled her fastest time.

She was hoping pizza would prove the winner in her science experiment.

“I love pizza, so it’s too bad,” she said.

What she might not have been banking on was taking first place among kindergarten participants in the Brookhaven National Lab Elementary Science Fair.

Her huge win was announced last week by administrators in South Country.

Charlotte’s project was entitled “Fast Foods,” inspired by her mother’s love of running, according to a district announcement.

“My mom runs a lot and is running a really big race in May,” she said. 

To analyze what type of food would make Charlotte run her fastest, she tried pizza, pasta, chicken with potatoes, and broccoli with rice before running a time lap around the school.

“It was pasta! Pasta made me run the fastest!” she said.