The Forensics band Long Island, Patchogue

I’ve been warned many times about the pending danger of musicians and their carefree lifestyles.

The FORENSICs (4NZX) are just that band your parents warned you about.

But of course those stern words only serve as a catalyst to the innate rebellious nature of groupies, partygoers and music lovers alike.

For those who’ve been following the evolution of the Patchogue music scene for the past decade, it’s hard not to tilt a hat to this unique sounding, irreverent trio. They are a bold flavor in the dynamic stew of musicians that have graced the stages of the many Patchogue music venues.

The origins of the 4NZX grew out of the accidental union of three Long Island musicians: drummer Nick Garbarini (aka Danger), guitarist Tom Gronenthal, and bassist Andy Sansone.

They met at an open mic hosted by Chris Cauley at the BrickHouse Brewery.

The three musicians were familiar with each other’s work and their abilities, and the 30-minute time slot that night turned restyled in local, and now legendary, genre all its own.

This was the epic birth of the 4NZX.

At its conception, those in attendance bore witness to the rising of an electronic dance frenzy. The locals immediately embraced this trio as their own and the landscape of the Patchogue music scene has been forever changed.

It speaks volumes of their impact as they continue to attract crowds of lustful listeners to their hard-partying, electronic fervor.

They’ll be performing April 29 at 9 p.m. at Painters in Brookhaven.

Photo: (L-R) Tom Gronenthal, Nick Garbarini and Andy Sansone. (courtesy)