Suffolk County Police Department Commissioner Tim Sini reported that no incidents or arrests happened related to Donald Trump’s highly anticipated arrival in Patchogue Village.

Trump’s visit Thursday attracted more than 1,000 people to The Emporium, where he spoke at a Republican fundraiser. Several hundred more people attended various demonstrations and protests that happened elsewhere in the village.

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“It was a great day in terms of peaceful demonstrations and peaceful expressions of people’s opinions,” Sini said at a press conference Friday at police headquarters in Yaphank.

“I think the message here is very simple,” he continued. “Suffolk County, and Patchogue in particular, has a great tradition of community and civic involvement. And we proved to the country that we can get together and agree to disagree, and demonstrate peacefully and have a dynamic and vibrant day without any incidents of violence.”

Sini gave credit to the partnership between the police department, Patchogue Village and community groups.

There was just one arrest in the entirety of Patchogue Village Thursday and it was not related to the demonstrations, he said.

Patchogue Village Paul Pontieri said he was especially impressed with Sini’s pre-event speech to the officers, which Pontieri said took place behind The Emporium around 2 p.m.

“What he talked about was their training, who they are as police officers, and their responsibilities. And who they wanted to be when it was all over,” he said. “And, afterward, a lot of people appreciated how it was all handled.”

The SCPD spent just over $42,000 in overtime costs for the day, Sini reported.

“While we don’t like spending money on overtime at all, that certainly is a relatively low number given the magnitude of yesterday’s event,” he said.

Featured image of street signs by Benny Migliorino of Benny Migs Photo

Photos of Commisssioner Tim Sini and police department brass in Yaphank Friday by Michael White.