The Shack Attack burger at KB's Burger Shack in Patchogue Village. (Michael White)

The owners of KB’s Burger Shack in Patchogue had two thoughts in mind when they opened five years ago.

Keep it affordable. Have some fun.

“We were coming out of the economic downturn, and we said, we don’t have enough places that are lower in price but offer good, quality food,” said co-owner Brian Kearns, who launched KB’s Burger Shack on March 11, 2011, with his partner and longtime local restaurateur Tommy Beebe.

As for having fun, one has to look no further than The Shack Attack burger, which at $16.95 is the most expensive on the Burger Shack’s offering of 16 burgers.

Here’s how The Shack Attack is described on the menu:

Between two grilled cheese sandwiches w/ bacon, onions, mushroom and a fried egg.

It’s really three meals piled into one hefty sandwich. Or, at least, one adult meal and two kids’ meals.

But finishing it isn’t meant to be a challenge. No one’s getting a T-shirt for finishing The Shack Attack. (Although they might want to take a jog later that night.)

“It’s a novelty burger,” Kearns said. “It just separates us a bit from the regular place.”

He said a hungry 16-year-old could easily inhale the thing.

Reflecting on five years in business, Kearns said one thing the partners realized is when you name a restaurant Burger Shack, you better keep the focus on the burgers — even though they offer plenty of steak, chicken and seafood.

“You can have the comfort food, the meatloaf and pot pie,” Kearns said. “But people want burgers. So by and large we’ve expanded the menu to include more burgers, the lamb, salmon, turkey.”

And, he said, the veggie burgers are all made in-house from fresh greens and mozzarella.

As for the heftier Shack Attack, he said most people have similar reactions when that waiter or waitress comes to clear the plates.


“Oh my God.”

“I ate the whole thing.”

“It is the attack.”

Kearns expressed some relief he’s not selling the burger in New York City.

If that were the case, he’d have to include a calorie count.


KB’s Burger Shack at 411 West Main Street, is throwing a five-year anniversary party on Friday, March 18. They’ll be offering a free dinner buffet and drink specials. The party starts at 7 p.m.

Photo: The Shack Attack crowds a table at KB’s Burger Shack. (MIchael White)