Winter storm expected bring 5 to 8 inches to western Suffolk

Sometimes a person acts in a way that deserves recognition by the community.

Jim Miller of Prairie Lane in Brookhaven Hamlet and I did not know each other until the morning of a snow blizzard last winter. He must have seen me struggling to clear by hand the snow berm that was created by the plows at the end of my driveway.

Before I knew what was happening, he was headed for my driveway with his own plow and waving me out of the way.

Since then he has cleared mine and several neighbors’ driveways every snowfall.

He refuses any payment; Jim gets satisfaction in helping others.

Jim Miller is a single dad and head of household to his lovely daughter Anna and his exuberant 2-year-old  granddaughter Willow.

Luckily for his new neighbors, but sadly for me, Jim is moving east this summer to have a larger home for his family.

You might recognize him in his pickup truck because his friendly white dog Missy is always riding shotgun with him.

Jim is a cell phone tower sub-contractor and uses his plow to clear the tower bases to give access for his crew.


Photo: Snow plows hit the streets during the Jan. 23, 2016, blizzard. (Benny Migliorino/file)

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