The LifeSports complex that was pitched for Bellport — and which now looks finished — would have been a game-changer for the South Country community.

After many meetings and presentations with Cary Chevat from LifeSports, we were extremely excited about the project and its possibilities for growth and economic stability, including retail and employment opportunities for so many people in the area.

What we needed was for the Town of Brookhaven to make a resolution so we could begin groundbreaking conversations. That never even happened.

We understand there are some hurdles surrounding the proposal, but it was never effectively conveyed to the community what those hurdles were — and what we could do to help. 

Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine has stated he would like to speak and receive input from the community at a meeting. No such meeting has occurred at this time and we would request an official meeting with the supervisor and the council members that serve our the districts in the South Country area. 

We are dismayed by the squashing of an important project that could change the face of our community before it even had the opportunity to plant the seeds. 

If we need to attend Town Board Meetings to be on the record to show our interest and belief in this project, then consider it done!  

Regina Hunt, Bellport

Regina Hunt is a South Country school board member and co-founder of the South Country Community Café.

Photo: LifeSports had pitched a plan to build a $35-$40 million sports report at Martha Avenue Recreation Park south of Sunrise Highway in Bellport. (Michael White)