O El Amor band Long Island

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I have yet to buy that chocolate and flowers for that special someone.

I have yet to find that special someone for that matter.

Well, with love in the air and music on my mind I venture to Painters in Brookhaven for a dose of both.

I arrive early to meet up with the keepers of dirty love. Move aside Cupid, O El Amor is in the house dishing up some adult rated madness and there truly is love in the air.

I arrive just before the dinner rush and the dining room is sparsely populated. The chatter is that of the staff as they prepare for the influx of fans and diners that are sure to come.

The quiet before the storm? No doubt.

I take this opportunity to chat with O El Amor in the side lounge. The couches and coffee tables make for a relaxed setting and it’s only a matter of time before a magnificent story unfolds.

It’s a story of love — tainted love — and all its triumphant glories and all its agonizing heartbreaks.  

A visit to O El Amor’s website will introduce you to the bands enigmatic approach to music, relationships and the tragedies that ensue.

Let me quickly share the “Tale of O El Amor” as it reads from their website.

As legend has it, after many years of short lived relationships and meaningless one night stands, the broken hearts of O El Amor swore to disguise their faces in shame and never to remove their masks.

Living vicariously through the lovers of the world who come to see them, O El Amor travels town to town in search of inner peace…and free drinks.

And while no one knows the true identities of O El Amor, it has been said that if you can get close enough to the stage, sometimes…just sometimes…you might see a tear or two…beneath their masks…

Love, liquor and latex…

Quite the introduction. Not every band swears by a holy trinity of love, latex and liquor, well, not as openly as O El Amor.

The true testament to their success is the fans. As we chat, the once quiet venue is bumping with diners and the arrival of mask wearing groupies (aka “lovers” ) with a commitment to sin and debauchery.

The atmosphere slowly changes as the anticipation and energy begin to build.

As the noise level elevates to a low roar, we continue to converse on the bands; upcoming performances and what may be in store for the evening’s festivities. Disco Goya, the only original member of the band, is well-spoken, amiable and hardly a suspect for wearing a leather mask.

Disco goes on to share the two songs that will make its debut tonight and speaks proudly of the over 150 songs that the group has amassed.

“We try to keep our repertoire fresh and we are always adding more songs to our performance,” Disco adds. “We are not relegated to a genre.”

The band chooses its songs through a democratic process and they play everything from Nine Inch Nails to Barry Manilow.

O El Amor’s motto is Nothing Current. They keep it to a mixture of “B” side oddities and one-hit wonders.

Tonight’s addition to the playlist will include a mash-up of “Dont Go / Situation” by Yaz and “I got you” by Split Enz.

The evening reaches close to a boiling point and the multitude of fans are fueling the fire with tasty libations. The lights go dim and the masked lovers grace the stage.

The crowd goes wild as they kick-off their set with “A Little Respect” followed by “Easy Lover” and “Hungry like the Wolf.”

The ratio of women to men is favorable for the frisky bachelor and love is in the air. The energy is feverish and the fans dance themselves sweaty. O El Amor has just begun its assault and the night is still young.

Some may be weary of boiling over.

O El Amor turns up the heat!

Are you ready, lovers?

O El Amor offers an irreverent look at love and all its glorious torment. They are a lively, off-beat act that will bring a smile to your face and feet alike. They’re performing in Patchogue on Feb. 20 at 89 North Music Venue. Visit their Facebook page or website for additional information.

photo credit Steven J. Messina