Fridays Farmingville James Skidmore

This is a paid message from James Skidmore on behalf of Fridays Farmingville.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the direction our community is taking.

Over 10 years ago, I decided to make the village where I was raised my home once again. When I was a younger man living in this area, I had a yearning for something cultural, something cerebral. I longed for a space to dance and put on hold the challenges of everyday life. These desires had me traveling to New York City on a regular basis.

NYC was (and still is) a great place for me to connect with like-minded individuals, soak in the diverse culture, and sample incredible cuisine. However, now I can do those same things without the 90-minute train ride.

Now, my place for culture and cuisine is my hometown of Patchogue, Long Island.

Recently, I was presented an opportunity from a fantastic restaurant chain that originated in New York City. The restaurant was Fridays, a global name consisting of 900 restaurants in 60 countries. Fridays opened its doors in 1965 and continues to grow thanks to its innovative approach to dining and creation of good times through social instigation.

Our local Fridays resides in the neighboring hamlet of Farmingville. Fridays is well aware of the successful renaissance Patchogue recently went through, and keeping with its innovative approach, the restaurant is seeking to expand its impact with the inclusion of live music and daily interactive activities.

I consider Fridays’ actions, such as opening up to the live music scene and offering nightly events including Trivia Nights and Lip Sync Battles, a further expansion of our local culture. It is an honor to have our town recognized by a global franchise and even more so to emulate our success.

Fridays, through its creative staff, has found value in what has been done at a local level and could very well be a nationwide catalyst for our community’s accomplishments.

Next time you are in the area and you are looking for some great American fare, handcrafted beer, and a lively atmosphere … come join us at Fridays in Farmingville. Fridays now offers a delicious “Hangover Brunch” starting at 10 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, featuring a wide array of offerings such as tasty fresh-made juices and flavorful breakfast entrees.

In addition to the changes on the menu and nightly programming, the atmosphere has physically transformed to be more inviting, i.e. the inclusion of a new lounge area in the front of the restaurant.

Guests can enjoy a full menu in the new lounge while the experienced staff help you to relax, dine and unwind.