It doesn’t take long to get completely swept up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Before you know it, it’s over, and you might find yourself regretting not take the time to soak in the spirit.

Because it’s always nice to take a step back, whether it be alone or with some friends, and let the creative juices flow.

I love creating and making things, and I know so many of my friends and relatives do too.

A couple of years ago I messed around with some tulle and created a fluffy tulle Christmas tree. I got so many compliments on it, that I decided to recreate it and show you how to make one yourself.

So here goes, my first Great Crafts post for!



  • green tulle (I recommend at least two shades)
  • wooden dowel and foam cube (cut dowel to desired height for tree)
  • hot glue gun
  • snow spray (available at most craft stores)
  • lightweight star or something for top of tree




  1. Cut dowel to desired height. Insert dowel into foam square. Remove dowel fill hole with hot glue and re-insert dowel into hole.


2. Cut tulle into strips. You need to make several different sizes so your tree tapers to the top. I would make about 15 strips in each size. I did about 1/3 of strips in each size in forest green, kelly green and lime green. I would make strips about 2″ or so in size difference. The length you start with for the widest point is up to you and how fat you want your tree to be.


3. Start tying tulle around dowle. Use slip knots. To do this, fold tulle strip in half, put folded end around dowel and pull other ends through to make a slip knot.



4. Keep tying the tulle until you get to the top. Strategically place tulle around the dowle so your tree is even and full all the way around the base.



5. Once the tree is complete it’s time to embellish! I added snow spray. Make sure you hold the spray at a distance and do one light coat so it doesn’t weigh tulle down. The can of snow directed me to stand about 18″ away, but I stood about 3 feet away to ensure that light coat.

Once it’s dry, do a second coat. Then hot glue star to the top.


I hope your fluffy little tree helps you enjoy the holidays a bit more this year. And years to come!

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Jenny O’Sullivan of East Patchogue is the designer and creator of the jewelry line Hole In Her Stocking Designs. You can also find her on Instagram and Pinterest. Or email