Bellport Marina work as it appeared Friday. (Michael White)

Bellport Village is currently fixing the last of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy — with work on a new gazebo, pathway and boardwalk at the marina set to wrap up next month, said Bellport Mayor Ray Fell.

“We were poised to do it in early May, but it would have meant taking all the boats out of the water,” Fell said. “After this, everything destroyed in Sandy will be repaired.”

The earth along the southern border of the marina is, for now, ripped up and closed off.

“There was a gazebo that was there,” Fell said. “It was built in the early 1930s and it was completely destroyed. They’re going to rebuild the structure that was there, but when you’re dealing with [the Federal Emergency Management Agency], everything has to be built to all the codes and standard that are in place today.”

That means, among other things, conforming with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which calls for a ramp and pathway leading from the road to the gazebo.

The entire project will cost $140,000, with FEMA picking up 90 percent of the bill, Fell said.

Not only that, the village is paying an additional $30,000 to extend a wooden walkway south from the new gazebo and along the marina, where the boats are docked.

“It’s like a boardwalk that will be attached to the bulkhead there,” Fell said.

The damage from superstorm of 2012 has cost about $1.5 million in total, with bigger ticket items being $580,000 for the Ho-Hum Beach pavilion, $385,000 to repair the electrical and other damage to the marina, $300,000 for the golf course, along with the gazebo work and other projects.

Fell said he was hopeful the state would reimburse the village for the money it had to spend — 10 percent of every Sandy-related project — through the New York Rising program.