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Don’t let this coming winter stop you from philosophizing in your rocking chair all day under a warming sun in the country.

No, you don’t have to move to Savannah, Ga.

This exquisite 1890 farmhouse on South Country Road in Brookhaven Hamlet has a sun-splashed porch with radiant heat built into its tile floor — perfect for keeping that serotonin pumping all year long.

You know what else can fend off the short-day blues? Over an acre of property to call your own.

And a cottage on that property to help pay the mortgage.

Anthony Gandolfo of Rice Realty Group Inc., the listing agent for 381 South Country Road, said he knows exactly what he would do if he moved into 381 South Country, no matter what season: Invite family and friends over for a party.

He’s envisioning a summer-style garden party.

“It’s a great property for that,” Gandolfo said. “Just the way everything is set up. There’s a big old outbuilding that’s 26 x 26. It’s just a great place for you to entertain. There’s a couple of swings hanging off the trees for the kids. There’s a big deck there for entertaining.”

And even though the house is a ripe old age of 125, Gandolfo says it’s a structural gem.

“It’s built well,” he said. “And it’s got those great quirks that you love about an old house.”

That’s not to say it’s want of any modern features.

“It’s got these great cathedral ceilings in the kitchen,” Gandolfo said.

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