How long are you going to hold onto that property? The aging swing set. The rotting trees. And the school taxes, forget it.

Sure, the place has memories. And there’s plenty of space. But if you moved to one of the new Rosebud townhouses at The Riverwalk complex in Patchogue Village, you’d get the best of both worlds.

For one, each of the units has 2 and 1/2 baths, three bedrooms and a two-car garage, even an attic.

“It’s really for people who are downsizing but still need the square footage to accommodate the children and grandchildren when they come to visit,” Barbara O’Brien, The Riverwalk’s vice president of operations, said of the Rosebud units.

The Riverwalk team gave greaterpatchogue.com a tour of the model Rosebud House on Tuesday. (More photos below.) The units cost $392,000 each, though prospective purchasers are encouraged to contact the sales office about possible incentives.

Click here for additional details and photos on the Rosebud units.

O’Brien described the entire Riverwalk complex just south of West Main Street as smart growth at its best. “It’s living within the downtown,” she said. “There’s access to public transportation, the state-of-the-art YMCA, restaurants, pubs, the theater.”

So, yes, pack up the Sawzall for the big move. Take the Ping Pong table, too. Even the Christmas tree and all those ornaments the kids made you. Just ditch the lawnmower.

And keep inviting the family for sleepovers.

The Rosebud is one of four condo/townhome models available at The Riverwalk, which is hosting a Phase IV grand opening open house event on Saturday, Nov. 7. Visit their website for details and directions.