PAC MAC Festival

Notice anything different about us?

To help celebrate the second annual Patchogue Village-wide arts festival known as the PAC MAC Festival, we reached out to the Patchogue Arts Council for a makeover.

The idea was to replace our standard street signs logo with an artistic interpretation. We’ll be using it on to serve as a constant reminder that the festival runs through Sunday, Oct. 11.

Local artist and Patchogue Arts Council member Kathy Seff said she wanted to keep the special logo consistent with the festival theme and colors.

“The stop light, colors and building silhouette are all integrated throughout the entire marketing and street team campaign,” Seff explained.

She also colored the P, A, and C in the word Patchogue, to make the PAC acronym stand out. For the uninitiated, PAC means Patchogue Arts Council and MAC is for music, arts and cinema.

The and PAC collaboration also speaks to this year’s theme: pairings.

The festival, according to the council, will focus on the juxtaposition of contrasting or similar forms and/or media in pursuit of deeper meaning.

PAC MAC’s opening reception is tonight, Saturday, Oct. 3, at 20 Terry Street.

Check out our community calendar for a complete listing of events. 

Also like and follow the PAC MAC Festival Facebook page for events coverage.

Original logo work and skyline silhouette by Beth Giacummo and Dan Kudreyko, respectively.