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This hidden gem in Medford is perfect if you don’t want your kids to move away any time soon.

Not only does it have four bedrooms and four full bathrooms, there’s a legal apartment for transitioning those children from your home and into the real world.

But we’ll warn you, if you install an inground pool — as the listing agent is about to suggest — they might never leave.

“It really is such a great house,” said Melly Rosario of Exit Links Realty in Patchogue. “It’s got a large yard that’s great for entertaining. I would definitely put in an inground pool in the back.”

“All the bathrooms are updated,” Rosario added. “They’re beautiful. Every single one of them. And the fact that there’s an independent apartment, which generates income and offsets the costs.”

It’s also surrounded by other pretty homes along Pennsylvania Avenue.

Rosario said the size of the ranch, which she described as “deep,” is deceiving from the street. The home’s cathedral ceilings and two fireplaces also adds to the feel of a much larger house. The asking price is $395,000.

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