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If you’re boating in the Great South Bay and you see the “Dome House,” you know you’re passing Davis Park. It’s that type of man-made landmark, recognizable to everyone who frequents the local waters.

In the past five years, that distinct house at 10 Windward Walk has gotten a makeover, though the dome roof is still fully intact. What’s more, instead of destroying the house or property, Superstorm Sandy of 2012 gave it a bigger beach, said the property’s listing agent, Gervaise Baker of Leesa Byrnes Realty Inc.

And now it’s for sale for $675,000.

A second house on Fire Island is in the budget, right? Either way, read on.

Baker can’t tell you the name of the architect who designed the home — as well as two other on the island.

What she can confirm is that her dad, John Paul Miller — better known as “Hobby” — built the structure by taking it over in pieces from the Patchogue River by barge in 1964.

“I had listed the Dome House once before, about 20 years ago. and in talking with those owners, they told me Hobby brought it over in a kit,” Baker said. “They had brought it over on a barge. And it’s right on the other side of the marina there. Then they put it together for the owner.”

With the renovations, the house has all the modern finishings of a Fire Island beach getaway.

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You’ll also be able to take in beautiful sunset views from the north deck.

And if’s it’s raining or getting dark out, retreat into the actual dome.

There’ a loft upstairs with a den.

In case you hadn’t relaxed enough already.

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