It started on Instagram, with Suzanne Donaldson’s handle, @mrssizzle. She used it to raise awareness about rescue dogs and, eventually, pets in general.

After gaining a huge following, the Bellport and NYC resident wanted to take things to the streets.

So she did.

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“The idea was to have the real world come together with one another outside of Instragram,” said her daughter, Sophie, who helped organize Friday evening’s Dogs Night Out event in the village.

How did they get the word out?

“Instagram,” she said with a laugh.

Dogs Night Out in Bellport was timed to coincide with Saturday’s Clear the Shelters day, a national campaign through which participating animal shelters throughout the country waive adoption fees, explained Dogs Night Out volunteer and TOLA boutique owner Alison Buck of Bellport.

Buck said she wanted to participate mainly, “because dogs are a large part of our village community.”

As part of the event, dogs were walked together along the sidewalk and hung their heads out the windows of a parade of cars and SUVs.

For those looking to adopt, Brookhaven Animal Shelter is waiving its fees Saturday.

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