Great Ideas | Joseph Silva is doing it for love

The staff at Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Company found out Saturday who won the big date with hunky Roast barista Joseph Silva.

They posted a video (below) of the raffle pick on Facebook.

Spoiler alert: It’s Brian Maher from O’Neill’s.

“Brian was gunning for a bro date with him,” said Roast manager Tiffany Rivera. “He talked about it every day.”

The raffle came as part of ongoing efforts to raise money for Desiree Vermeulen, a single mother and Roast assistant manager who suffered a debilitating stroke in May. Vermeulen has been rehabbing at an Oakdale facility and getting progressively better, though she won’t be able to work for awhile, Roast staffers have said.

There were several other raffle contests held in the shop this July.

“We raised about $2,500 from the raffles,” Rivera said. “Public House 49 gave me one gift card to raffle off and one to give to her so she can go out to eat when she comes home.”

And the online fundraiser is still open.

The two men will be spending their special night at PeraBell Food Bar.

To clear up any confusion, Rivera said both Maher and Silva have girlfriends.

“Now I don’t have to chaperone!” she said.

And the winner is…

Posted by Tiffany Rivera on Saturday, August 1, 2015