Funknasty co-founder Anthony Cavuoto. (Credit: Funknasty courtesy photo)

Funknasty co-founder Joe Abdat. (Credit: Funknasty courtesy photo)

As the saying goes, “write what you know.”

The band Funknasty did exactly that in putting together a Patchogue-themed anthem called P-Town Beat Down, the fourth track on the group’s second album, Fuegonomics.

“It’s basically just a story about your typical day in Patchogue out on the street, like what’s going down,” the band’s co-founder, guitarist and lead vocalist, Anthony Cavuoto, said of the track. “You wake up, hit the bodega, go grab a quick brew at the [Brickhouse Brewery].

“It’s an account of what it’s like to be a Patchogue person.”

He and his fellow band members would know; five of the six live in the Patchogue area. They cut the album inside the band’s own studio at Funknasty Headquarters. (The East Patchogue home of band member Josh Smith.)

The recording process took a little over a year, Cavuoto said.

During that time Funknasty wasn’t able to play a lot of gigs, though they did find time to perform at larger events such as Beer Fields in Farmingvile and the Great South Bay Music Festival in Patchogue.

Cavuoto’s favorite part of the P-Town Beat Down song is what he says amounts to “a gang vocal chorus section” that bookends the song.

“Everybody sings and chants to it when we’re out playing, which is pretty awesome,” he said.

There are 11 songs on Fuegonomics, which can be purchased here for $8. (Warning: explicit lyrics)

To the uninitiated, Cavuoto describes Funknasty’s sound as heavy rock/borderline metal meets groove-based styles such as soul, R&B and funk.

There’s also a heavy dose of hip-hop, with “horns on everything,” he said.

“Nobody’s really doing that right now,” he said. “That powerhouse explosion of funk and heavy rock.”