Just a day before the Great South Bay Festival is set to kick-off in Shorefront Park in Patchogue, the Patchogue-based jam band Soundswell appeared live on the Bonnie in the Morning show on WPPB, 88.3 FM.

Three Soundswell members were invited to the station in Southampton Village from 11 a.m. to noon Wednesday with host Bonnie Grice to talk about their new album, “First Set,” the July 16-19 music festival and the Long Island music scene.

Soundswell was scheduled to perform Saturday, July 18, at the festival, helping to open for the Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

“We’ll spin some tracks and get to know them,” Grice said before the show. “WPPB is dedicated to our community, and that means greater Long Island since we’re the only NPR station. I’m continually amazed at the talent out here and will continue to seek out new musical life.”

Soundswell  bass player Keenan Boyle, percussionist Brady Wilkins and guitarist Evan Hammer made the trip to Southampton.

Wilkins said the invitation to 88.3 was a big boost for the band.

“The story of Soundswell,” he said, “the vibrant Patchogue art and music scene that we are growing with, our beliefs in making the world around us better through art and music with an eye on the environment, especially our waterways, are being granted a certain level of legitimacy and integrity that only Bonnie Grice and an NPR-affiliated station like WPPB 88.3 can provide. For that we are grateful.”